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Section 504 Accomodations

Humboldt City Schools

Section 504 Procedure and Implementation

For more information visit Tennessee Department of Education: Section 504


Contact Person:        George Yarbro

                           Humboldt City Schools

                           2602 Viking Drive, Humboldt TN. 38343

                           Ph: (731) 784-2652 Fx. (731) 784-2480


 Referral Process



  • An evaluation request or a 504 Service Plan request must be made by a parent, teacher, or administrator due a physical or mental impairment determined by a Physician.


  • A physicians report, psychological report, or medical documentation must be provided identifying a medical condition causing mental or physical impairment.

  • A student is observed by necessary staff and documentation/data is gathered as evidence of on-going academic or behavioral difficulties linked to medical condition.


  • Assemble school team in order to establish eligibility determination:

     Including persons knowledgeable about the child,

      The meaning of the evaluation data,

      Options regarding placement


A 504 service plan is constructed in order for the student to receive accommodations deemed necessary to assist academic, behavioral, or medical issues in the school setting.



2602 Viking Drive | Humboldt, TN 38343 | Ph: 731-784-2652 | Fx: 731-784-2480